Awit At Laro

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Pitik Bulag

Jungee Marcelo

Awit at Laro

In November 2018, Julie Anne had an Opportunity to be part of Gary Valencianos Advocacy Album, Awit at Laro to promote Filipino games and songs through art and music. She is the only Gma Artist that is included in the album, she performed the song Pitik Bulag Composed by Jungee Marcelo.

Awit at Laro is made up of 20 native songs like Magtanim Ay Di Biro or Sitsiritsit Alibangbang and songs about our childhood games like sipa or patintero. Almost a hundred artists got together to do the songs and recordings while others contributed artworks about the subjects. The result is one wonderful book with pages of song lyrics and incredibly impressive artworks.

Proceeds from the album will go toward funding children’s causes via UNICEF, where Gary V serves as a national ambassador, the Tukod Foundation, Shining Light Foundation and towards the improvement of Museo Pambata’s exhibits and facilities.

— PhilStar

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