New Music: Julie Anne San Jose Drops New Song ‘Better’

Young Filipino vocal powerhouse and multi-awarded multimedia artist Julie Anne San Jose just dropped a new song on looking on a bright side of things with “Better” under Universal Records. Launched at the tail-end of April, San Jose seeks to bring an uplifting message of hope, as each of us try to soldier on and be led to a path to becoming a better person, even in the face of pain and sorrow.

Released in the midst of the community quarantine, San Jose fittingly bridges the gap since she has last released her own music with her own composition. This came after a much-celebrated collaboration with alternative rock icon, Rico Blanco, “Isang Gabi“, released on January 2020, still under Universal Records.

Image courtesy of GMA Artist Center

San Jose tells Rank Magazine, “I thought maybe this is an opportunity given the situation we’re into release a track and share it to everyone in this time. And it’s been a while since the last time I release a song.

She adds, “I wrote the song two years ago. It was a pretty interesting phase in my life. Everyone goes through pain and hardships, but the most important thing is, there are lessons learned. here are a lot of ways to help yourself be better person. It’s okay to acknowledge pain, just don’t let it consume you. Look on the brighter side, and everything else follows.”

Upon release, “Better” landed on Spotify New Music Friday in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, and in Taiwan. The track reportedly was received well among fans, on its iTunes pre-order chart prior to its release last April 24.

Stream San Jose’s new song on Spotify below:

See the lyric video of “Better” here:




May 15, 2020