Julie Anne San Jose says she’s happy with her body and remains unbothered when she gains weight

Julie Anne San Jose has been on the receiving end of a lot of body-related criticism on the internet, particularly after she visibly lost some weight a few years back.

But during a press conference on Friday, Asia’s Pop Sweetheart said she’s currently happy with her body and pretty much eats whatever she wants.


Photo by Margaret Claire Layug

“I am happy with my body saka, for me, it doesn’t matter kung mag-gain ako,” she tells GMA News Online.

The Kapuso singer and TV host, who had just been selected as a new brand ambassador for a clothing line, also stated she was far from skipping out on food.

“Kain lang ako ng kain! I love to eat! I love food in general,” she said.

Julie Anne says she doesn’t recommend anybody to restrict themselves from eating, not even this coming Holiday season.

“Nako! Lumamon lang kayo ng lumamon! Food is life,” she said

“Don’t ever restrict yourself from food … Like, ako, nu’ng nagda-diet ako, parang sinabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘gusto kong mag-diet, o gusto kong magbawas ng food, parang dine-deprive ko din ‘yung sarili ko. Parang, the more I deprive myself, the more I gain weight or, like, the more na mas nagke-crave ako or binge eat,” she added.

Back in 2015 when her 22-inch waistline caught a lot of attention, Julie Anne admitted she needed to gain some weight back.

When reporters asked her again on Friday, the Kapuso star said her waistline is now 25 inches… “usually!”

—JCB, GMA News

Source: https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/lifestyle/healthandwellness/718189/julie-anne-san-jose-says-she-s-happy-with-her-body-and-remains-unbothered-when-she-gains-weig/story/